National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Ahh-Choo! May is National National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) declares May to be “National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.” This is peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers, and a perfect time to educate the community about these diseases.

No place is safe from allergies but some cities are more problematic than others. The Allergy Capitals is an annual research project of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to identify “the 100 most challenging places to live with allergies” in the spring and fall seasons. This year Louisville, KY, has risen to the top. Visit to see where over 100 cities are on the list this year.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American has also developed the Allergy Action Plan to help you recognized your seasonal allergy symptoms so you can prevent and treat your allergies. Also “Ask the Allergist” is a free service provided by AAFA to consumers who want more specific information about asthma and allergies.

American Nutrition offers some products that can help you combat the effects of common seasonal allergies.

Antihistamines can help stop allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and itching of the nose and throat. They work by blocking the action of histamine, the substance that causes your symptoms. You may need to take an antihistamine regularly during peak allergy season.
Source Natural Aller-Response
Source Natural Aller-Response is a seasonal formula featuring Quercetin that has demonstrated in human cell culture studies to inhibit the release of histamines.

Check out all the Source Natural Seasonal Products.

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