Focus on: Creatine

How much water should I drink while taking creatine?

To find the recommended daily water consumption, just follow this easy to remember formula:
1. Take your overall body weight
2. Divide that number in half
3. Drink approximately that many ounces of water

For example, if you are 250 pounds you should drink approximately 125 ounces of water daily.

But while taking creatine, your body will use more water than normal. So it is recommended that you drink an extra 16 to 20 ounces of water for every 5 grams of creatine consumed. So, if you are 250 pounds and taking creatine, you will now need to consume approximately 165 ounces of water daily (daily water intake of 125 ounces plus 40 additional ounces for creatine consumed in pre and post workout shakes).

Will Creatine make you smarter?

And according to a study out of Australia, it has been shown that a daily 5 gram dose of creatine improves brain function. The results of the study showed that brain creatine levels correlate with “improved recognition memory and reduced mental fatigue.”

Creatine plays an important role in maintaining energy levels in the brain and this study concluded that, “creatine supplementation gave a significant measurable boost to brain power.”

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