Travel Medicine: Probiotics Can Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Travelers’ Diarrhea is one of the most common conditions experienced by tourists and is estimated to affect over 11 million people every year.

A recent study published by, Nutra suggests that Probiotics may help protect your body against travelers’ diarrhea (diarrhoea). Of the participants that received the supplements containing a probiotic mixture; 34 percent more than previous experiments did not experience the onset of travelers’ diarrhea.

The great thing about probiotics is that they are safe and have no side effects, as opposed to taking prescription medication like antibiotics for diarrhea, which can damage your intestinal flora even more.

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One Comment on “Travel Medicine: Probiotics Can Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad”

  1. Anna M Says:

    I always boost up on probiotics just before and during travel. I want to help keep the bacterial balance in my digestive system in favor of the “good guys,” and probiotics seem to help do the trick! Traveler’s diarrhea ranks up there above lost luggage and missed flights for really ruining travel plans, but probiotics can really help.
    – Anna M, Content Writer, Nutri-Health

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