Keep Your pH Balanced to Boost Immune System Health

Nature provides herbs and vitamins that help protect your body against certain types of viruses, bacteria, parasites and toxins by boosting your body’s natural immunity. Your immune system plays a key role in warding off diseases, infections, illness and despair. Maintaining wellness will help you live a longer healthier life.

Cleanse your body

In order to maintain proper bodily health, your immune system needs to be running in it’s most efficient manner. The Western diet is lacking in nutrition and essential vitamins, which can lead to many chronic illnesses. Processed and fried foods are high in acidity and can cause changes in your cellular environment.  Your body is like a car engine, if it has bad fuel it eventually gets clogged up and sluggish. You need to consume the right fuel and plenty of pure water in order to boost your immune system and help your body operate at its full potential.


Drinking enough water is the key to maintaining a proper balance of fluids throughout your body. Tap water is not healthy for you as it contains harmful toxins and can cause free radical damage to your system. Distilled water is the best, but should contain a proper pH balance. pH boosters containing minerals can be added to your water to increase alkalinity through the pH levels.
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Body balance is important to maintain a proper acidic-alkaline balance. Changing your diet to 80% raw foods consisting of fruits and raw vegetables will increase alkalinity and improve cellular functions. People that maintain highly acidic systems, are more susceptible to disease.
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Juicing provides enzymes that cleanse your digestive system so that your body can eliminate toxins that can harm your immune system. The juice from fresh fruit and vegetables is very nutritional, it provides more essential vitamins, minerals and body supporting enzymes than store bought juice.
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Try to exercise 45 – 60 minutes 3 times a week. This can include taking a short walk or some light cardio exercises. Exercise helps the body, mind and spirit to stay fit and this also helps to relieve stress. Reducing stress can in turn better immune system health.

Nutritional Supplements

The best nutritional supplements that boost immune system health include:
Agaricus Mushroom
Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6
Coriolus Mushroom

Super Green foods such as Spirulina and Chlorella also support healthy immune system functioning.

Your body was created to be healthy, energetic, vibrant and resilient. It has an awesome ability to heal itself, when given the proper nutrients and internal environment. Wellness is your birthright, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a higher quality of life and health. We provide useful information and outstanding products that benefit your body and help you maintain a healthy pH Balance.

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