NEW! Health Dropz Energy Boosting Formula from Lane Labs

Health Dropz Energy Boosting Formula 27 ml

A full, nutrient packed 6-drop serving of healthDropz gives you the benefits of a specialty drink without added sugar, taste or calories!

HealthDropz Energy, The Energy Boost you Need Without the Can!
Today’s energy drinks are creating a generation of caffeine and sugar addicts. Unlike other specialty beverages, healthDropz Energy Booster is not a caffeine laden formula. Instead, the secret in these drops is small amounts of caffeine, the amino acid Taurine and lots of B vitamins, especially B12. B vitamins are used by our bodies, changing glucose into energy. healthDropz Energy rates over 6,000% percent of the recommended Daily Value of B12 per serving. Because healthDropz Energy is sugar-free, there is no potential for a sugar crash.

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3 Comments on “NEW! Health Dropz Energy Boosting Formula from Lane Labs”

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