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National Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day – April 22nd, 2010

April 22, 2010

American Nutrition honored National Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day! by having Anjelica, (Our Webmaster’s Daughter) help out today.

She learned all about manufacturing capsules and why we have a clean room to make the products in. Anjelica helped stock the shelves and watched the labeling machine in action. She learned about office politics and how to be respectful in the workplace. Hopefully, her knowledge of applied work ethic will boost her self confidence when she goes out in to the world to work at her first job.

Anjelica will be reporting her activities in an essay she will be writing for her 5th grade class. She took detailed notes and asked A LOT of questions. All in all she had a very productive day here at American Nutrition.

Thank you, Anjelica, for visiting our warehouse! It was a joy having you around the office with your cheerful smile and willingness to learn.

– The Team at American Nutrition.

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