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NEW! from TerraCeutics: Beta-Alanine Bulk Powder 500g

October 23, 2009
NEW! from TerraCeutics

NEW! from TerraCeutics

TC Beta-Alanine 500g Bulk Powder

Increase Muscle Mass

Maximize Strength & Power Output

Boost Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance 

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, it is the only naturally occurring beta amino acid. Beta-alanine is not a proteinogenic amino acid, which means it is not used in the building of proteins, rather it helps to boost the synthesis of carnosine. Concentrated Carnosine exists in type 1 and 2 muscle fibers in the body. It is significantly more present in type 2 muscle fibers which helps to produce new muscle. Type 2 muscle fibers are also more receptive to strength training and show more muscle growth. Carnosine also increases muscle pH levels which help muscles perform longer and harder.

Supplementation strategies have reported that using Beta-Alanine for a period of 10 weeks has led to a dramatic 80% increase in intramuscular carnosine development. Beta-alanine increases the concentrated levels of carnosine within muscle fibers. It is released slowly into our type 2 muscle fibers, which helps to delay muscle fatigue, allowing you to train for longer periods of time. With all this added stamina and increased energy, your muscles gain the full benefit from your workout.

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Deal of the Day: Creatine

July 23, 2009


500 g
Colorado Nutrition
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Colorado Nutrition uses only the highest quality, purest Creatine available, giving you superior muscle energy production.

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