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$3.00 off AdvaCal throughout the Month of June 2010

June 2, 2010

$3.00 off AdvaCal throughout the month of June
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This Patented Advanced Calcium Supplement Actually Builds Bone Density!

In 1991, Japanese scientists pioneered an ultra-absorbable calcium complex. Today, AdvaCAL is Japan’s leading calcium supplement. AdvaCAL is an advanced natural calcium complex containing calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide and sea-plant amino acids for rapid absorption. The technology used to make AdvaCAL has been awarded patents in both Japan and the United States.

AdvaCAL Fights The Silent Epidemic!

Yvonne Sherrer, M.D., author of A Woman Doctor’s Guide to Osteoporosis, calls this dangerous thinning of bone tissue “the silent epidemic.” It affects over 28 million U.S. men and women over age 35,¬†
but is most acute in postmenopausal women, where up to one-third of bone mass is lost by age 60.

Taken daily, however, safe, proven AdvaCAL does what no other calcium supplement has done before. It builds bone density naturally by regulating bone resorption caused by increased parathyroid hormone (PTH) activity. Safe, patented AdvaCAL has superior absorption to stem the tide of crippling bone loss to fight Osteoporosis harder.

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