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Deal of the Day: Pine Bark Extract

August 13, 2009

Pine Bark Extract
100 mg 120 Vcaps
from Colorado Nutrition
(Retail: $29.95)
Our Price: $11.96

On Sale Again! If you’re a fan of Pycnogenol (but not the price) try Pine Bark Extract!

Pine bark has proven to be one of the most potent antioxidants, a property that may explain why pine bark has been used in folk medicine around the world. Pine bark contains complex polyphenols that are among the most potent of any plant. Pine polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, giving benefits to the cardiovascular system and the the immune system. They are well known for supporting capillary health. Polyphenols are vigorous free radical scavengers that help the body reduce oxidative stress. Colorado Nutrition manufactures it’s Pine Bark Extract in Vegetable based Vcaps and is a product safe for Vegetarians.

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Pine Bark Extract

** Offer good until midnight on August 13, 2009

Deal of the Day: Creatine Bulk Powder

August 11, 2009

Creatine Bulk Powder
500 g
from Colorado Nutrition
(Retail: $26.95)
Our Price: $7.96

The same quality found in national brands. A super fine 200 mesh micronized . pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate improves your muscles’ performance during high intensity activities such as weight training, running and any other aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Colorado Nutrition uses only the highest quality, purest Creatine available, giving you superior muscle energy production.

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Creatine Bulk Powder

** Offer good until midnight on August 11, 2009

Deal of the Week: Alpha Lipoic Acid

August 10, 2009

Alpha Lipoic Acid
100 mg 120 Vcaps
from Colorado Nutrition
(Retail: $19.95)
Our Price: $5.20

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that is soluble in both fat and water. It directly recycles vitamin C and indirectly recycles vitamin E, providing additional antioxidant protection. It is also an important component in the energy production process in the cells. Alpha-lipoic acid is a coenzyme that assists in the conversion of pyruvate to acetyl-coA. Acetyl-coA is the beginning point for the Krebs cycle, one of the body’s main energy production cycles, which produces the high-energy molecule ATP. Alpha-lipoic acid supports the immune system and also supports healthy liver function.

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Alpha Lipoic Acid

** Offer good until midnight on August 14, 2009